trees on blue skyAhh, tree trimming. It’s probably not something you look forward to (like we do!) but it’s important nonetheless.

The thing about tree trimming is that, unless you’re an expert, it’s hard to know when, how, and even where to trim to make sure you don’t harm the health of the tree.

Of course, we’re here for all your tree trimming needs, but if you’d like to trim your own trees or determine when to give us a call, the following information may help.

To Prune or Not to Prune, That Is the Question

Instead of focusing on when to trim trees in Northern California, let’s first look at when you shouldn’t.

Trimming (or pruning) trees in the fall is a bad idea. You want to avoid this when possible because the fall weather lets fungi spores spread like crazy, which can cause disease in otherwise healthy trees. Additionally, trees take longer to heal from cuts in the fall, leaving them vulnerable and exposed.

For many trees, you want to avoid pruning in the spring as well because this is when new growth is happening. Pruning can cause stress to the tree that reduces its health or growth.

The Best Time to Trim is Winter

The winter is the best time to trim your trees. This is when trees are dormant, and it sets them up to create new growth in the spring. Since trees have to heal from being trimmed, winter allows them additional protection because there aren’t as many bugs and diseases trying to harm the tree.

Trimming in the Summer to Shape and Direct a Tree

If you want to trim the tree to direct or shape its growth or slow down the development of certain branches, the summer is the best time to do this. Waiting until the summer means the growth for the season is usually pretty much complete.

You may trim a tree’s defective or low-hanging limbs in the summer because they are often easier to see. In some cases, a branch or an entire tree needs to be slowed down and this can be done by trimming as well.

If you are trimming trees yourself, you should be familiar with the type of trees you are trimming and the suggested method, shape, and amount to trim to get your desired result.

Trimming to Increase Flowering

Trees that flower may look like they aren’t creating as many new flowers as they used to. This is a good time to give it a good trimming, so the tree can focus on new growth. If your tree blooms in the spring, you should prune it when the flowers fade. If it blooms in the summer, you should prune it either in winter or early spring.

If you have a tree you think needs trimming, contact us today and we can answer any questions you may have as well as schedule a visit.