Tree Trimming & Tree Pruning

Trees are key to making our houses feel like homes. Even the healthiest of trees, however, need routine pruning for their health, for their looks, and for your landscape.

If you need tree pruning in Walnut Creek, or anywhere in Contra Costa, it’s time you call Timberland Tree Care. Our ISA certified arborists have a deep understanding of tree species and tree biology, so your trees will always be in good hands. Our expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail mean that you get the landscape you want, at an affordable price.

Our tree trimmers don’t just service Walnut Creek either! Check out our full service area.

Tree trimming in Walnut Creek using a bucket lift

“Wow ! What a great company. I have an 250 yo oak tree, they shaped it beautifully and now I know it’s healthy ! They were on time, very neat and so safe. I recommend them to my neighbors, friends and family.” 

– Stacy F. in Walnut Creek, CA

Types of Tree Pruning We Provide

There is more than one reason to prune a tree, and your unique tree pruning needs help us choose the right tools, people, and techniques for each job.

  • Aesthetic Pruning – the primary goal of aesthetic tree pruning is to simply make the tree look better. Overgrown and asymmetrical trees should be pruned from the center outwards and downwards to maintain appearances, and it’s important to leave enough foliage on to keep the tree healthy.
  • Safety Pruning – If a tree becomes unbalanced, has a dangerously overgrown limb or doesn’t have the foundation to safely support its current growth, it requires safety pruning. Safety pruning prioritizes the health of your tree with the safety of your property. Crown reduction and end-weight reduction help reduce specific types of growth without damaging the tree’s looks, and extra precautions are taken to avoid dropping limbs, excessive leaves, or other dangerous biomass during the trimming process.
  • View enhancement – An overgrown tree can block an otherwise great view of or from your property, and special care must be taken to restore that view without damaging the tree. Framing and topping are some of the more common pruning techniques for view enhancement, but we can also provide you with tree replacement options that will make view obstruction into a non-issue.
  • Wildfire pruning – Since wildfires have become a way of life in the Bay Area, it’s important to keep trees pruned that are highly flammable or located in a fire path. Since some of these solutions can appear drastic, we can also suggest other fire breaks or inhibitors to make your landscape safer without sacrificing the parts you love.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tree Pruning

What is the best time of year to prune a tree?

It’s generally best to prune trees while they are dormant for the winter, but different trees have different growth cycles.

Can I thin out unhealthy trees myself?

Yes and no. If you’re just trimming or thinning a tree and the branches in question are low and easily reachable, then yes, by all means.

However, trees can be dangerous. If the part of the tree you need to have trimmed is high up or partially dead, you should use extreme caution. Without knowing the proper way to cut or thin a tree’s branches, you can inadvertently cause severe property damage or personal injury.

If a tree needs to be removed entirely, we strongly recommend calling a professional. The cons of removing a tree yourself outweigh the pros by a pretty big margin. You may think it’s less expensive, but at the end of the day, your safety is invaluable. Trees that are not removed properly can damage property and injure you and your family. Moreover, Timberland has equipment that can remove a tree and stump completely – you likely do not. Finally, our arborists can recommend trees and shrubs to replace the ones you have to remove.

How much does tree pruning cost?

Tree pruning can cost as little as $75 or as much as $1,000 per tree, depending on the size, location, number of trees, and health of the tree. If your trees have diseases or pests, it’s also advisable to take care of those during the same job, which will typically help reduce overall costs.

What are the best trees for shade, retaining soil moisture, or increasing my property value?

These are questions we often cover on our blog.

How old is my tree?

Many species of trees can live for several thousand years. While we can usually make an educated guess about the age of a tree, the only way to know for sure is to cut it down and count the rings, though we would rather just make that educated guess.

Why should I hire Timberland Tree Care to prune my trees?

Tree trimmer with a sycamore in San RamonWe can take care of a number of different services for you:

  • Restoring your view
  • Increase overall tree health
  • Trimming for the health of the tree
  • Crown reduction
  • Emergency trimming

What can you expect when you give us a call for tree trimming? First and always, a considerate, hard-working crew that is dedicated to ensuring your landscape is perfect for your and your family. Next, we’ll take a good hard look at the tree in question, and with your consultation, plan out where we’ll trim, thin and improve the tree’s health. There are a few considerations:

  • Is there anything the limbs could fall on as we cut? We take a number of precautions to prevent falling limbs, but we’re always prepared. Is your home there? A dog house? A fence? We’ll work around it.
  • Where are the powerlines? We want to ensure that we are well away from them both to ensure that your lights stay on and that we stay safe.
  • What will look the best? Are there lots of dead limbs on one side or another? Maybe several bottom branches are making the tree appear unhealthy. We’ll take a look and shape the tree as best we can.

For higher branches, our team will either set up a tree rigging system, boom lift, or bucket lift. Then, we cut safely and lower the branches to ensure that they don’t cause damage on the way down.

High-Quality Tree Pruning in Walnut Creek and Beyond

While we’re always happy to offer tree pruning in Walnut Creek, many people still don’t know that our services are availalbe throughout Contra Costa County. Call us any time for:

We Also Handle Tree Removal

Our tree removal jobs generally start the same way as our tree trimming jobs. We’ll review the area for safety, then remove the top of the tree and work our way down. At no point do we fell the entire tree – it’s simply not safe. When the tree is down to the stump, we bring in a stump grinder, and do our best to remove as much as possible.

Visit our tree removal page or call us today to learn more.