Sod Installation

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Laying lawn sod in Walnut Creek backyard

A lush lawn can increase your home value by quite a bit, particularly in California.

While it’s possible to naturally grow your lawn from seed, there are simply too many variables to be concerned with. Is the lawn getting enough sun? Water? Is my soil acidic enough? Or perhaps not alkaline enough? Do I have enough humus content? Do I need to use any other types of amendments? Nevermind ensuring that you did not use the area you’ve seeded for several months while the sprouts come in. For many, growing a lawn from seed is untenable.

So what do you do if growing a lawn takes too long, or requires too much care to be practical? Sod is the answer! This pregrown lawn allows you to select the type of grass you want and then have it installed, easily and relatively inexpensively when compared to the installation and maintenance costs of growing a lawn from seed.

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Can I install my own sod?

The success of installed sod relies entirely on how well the ground below it is prepared. Most homeowners don’t have the equipment necessary to make sod thrive. From soil testing to soil amendments, to actual installation, we can make getting the lawn of your dreams easier.

How much does sod installation cost?

Sod installation is based on square footage, but tilling, fertilization, and debris removal can all greatly affect the cost. Even if you’re not in our service area, we still recommend calling a local sod installation company for a personalized quote.

Can you lay turf on top of existing grass?

Laying turf over an old lawn can be an option. The new sod will quickly smother and kill the old lawn, absorbing its nitrogen and other nutrients along the way.

However, there can be a few issues with this approach. If your lawn is extremely patchy, it could be hard for the turf to take root in some spots. It can also be hard to predict just how high the new sod will sit once the old lawn dies off, which is why it’s usually best to remove the old grass near walkways, driveways, and other hardscaping where the soil base should be even with the bottom.

landscaper installing sod one patch at a time

How Lawn Sod Installation Works

Measuring your yard

First, our installer will come to your home and take careful measurements of the area you’d like to install your sod. We’ll include any costs or estimates that involve removing material as well, such as old grass or trees.

Testing the soil

Then, we’ll take a soil test. This is an important step to ensure that you get the sod that fits your environment. Generally, soil can be amended to allow any sod to thrive. Grass usually loves soil that is slightly acidic and is loamy, meaning there’s lots of organic matter.

If your soil requires any additions, such as peat humus, we’ll measure and apply them appropriately. Then we’ll take care of the most important part – leveling and tilling.

Preparing the soil for sod

People often think of sod as a carpet that goes on top of your ground, but that’s far from the truth. It is a living plant that is, with all hope, going to extend its roots down into the ground that you’ve prepared for it. If that ground is too hard and not appropriately prepared, it can die, ruining your investment.

We’ll go through your yard and till up about two inches of soil, adding in any necessary fertilizer as we go. Then we’ll ensure everything is level.

Laying the sod

Finally, after all of that prep work, we’ll lay out the sod. We’ll start with a straight edge, working in rows, and make our way to the center. Then we’ll go back and cut any areas out that need to be shaped differently. We’ll close by rolling it out using a lawn roller and brushing in some topsoil.

We’ll leave you with some instructions on watering and general lawn care. Remember, as with any lawn, you never want to cut more than ⅓ of the length off at a time and always use a sharp blade.

We can start on your new sod installation project today

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