Tree Service in San Ramon, CA

Timberland Tree Care offers a variety of tree services in San Ramon to help keep your trees healthy and your home looking beautiful. Whether you want to maintain your current trees or add to them, our professional tree care technicians are here to help. Our arborists offer a wide variety of tree care services, from small-scale proving to large-scale commercial tree removal, so you can rest easy knowing that our team has the equipment, experience, and flexibility for your unique tree care needs.

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Offering Tree Service & More

We offer all the services you and your trees will need, from tree stump removal to pest inspections an more. Check out our service overview list below to get a better idea of how we can help you:

arborist in San Ramon removes a fallen tree
newly planted saplings on a medical campus

Why Should We Be Your Go-To Tree Care Team?

  • Our team includes several licensed arborists who know their way around each species of tree. We can diagnose and treat a variety of acute tree diseases, including root rot, pest infestations, and regionally-specific diseases, that can stop other tree care companies dead in their tracks.
  • We are locally owned and operated. When you hire us, you’re keeping your dollars local.
  • We rely on the tree care industry’s best tools, equipment, and practices, allowing us to trim trees quicker, more safely, and more reliably than the competition.
  • We have the team & equipment to handle the largest trees on short notice. We even offer emergency tree trimming to fix storm damage.
  • We are five-star rated across the board.

San Ramon’s Tree Stump Removal Specialists

Most homeowners in San Ramon who call us for tree removal also opt for tree stump removal.

Tree stumps can attract intrusive pests, such as termites, that can cause significant damage to your property. Stumps aren’t pretty to look at, either, and they can make mowing your lawn a chore.

While we also offer stump grinding, full stump removal removes all of the loose ends.

Learn more about the pros and cons of stump grinding and stump removal.

Our team can quickly and effectively remove even the largest oak tree stumps, and can even fill in the void with topsoil to support new plants. The result? It’s like there was never a tree there at all.

Pricing for tree stump removal can vary based on the size of the stump, the accessibility, the type of tree, and the extent of the root network. Call today to get a personalized bid for your stump removal project.

Tree Pruning & Trimming

Tree pruning is by far our most requested service in San Ramon. Our licensed arborists have worked with San Ramon’s most popular trees for long enough to know which types of pruning and pruning schedules can keep your trees looking and growing at their best. At Timberland Tree Care, we’re serious about protecting your landscaping, protecting your property, and cleaning up after every single tree trimming job.

Common tree pruning techniques and applications include:

  • Removing damaged limbs
  • Thinning and shaping trees to increase light penetration and improve the view.
  • Eliminating limbs that interfere with structures, roofs, windows, living areas, and walking areas.
  • Removing limbs that interfere with other branches or trees
  • Training and bracing young trees

Learn more about our tree trimming services »

Popular Trees in San Ramon

  • Japanese Maple
  • Red Maple
  • European Hackberry
  • Chinese Hackberry
  • Maidenhair Tree
  • Crape Myrtle
  • Sour Gum
  • Victorian Box
  • Southern Live Oak
  • African Sumac

Serving San Ramon and Beyond

If you’re looking for tree care in San Ramon, then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re looking for tree care in a nearby area, we can help you out, too. We offer tree care for any location within a reasonable driving distance – and since we are located in the Bay Area, that means we can serve a lot of places. Call us today for:

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