fence panelYour fence is there to do one simple job. It keeps people out of your yard and your pets and children safely in it. But what happens when your fence is no longer structurally sound and able to complete its one and only task? In many cases, homeowners will choose to reinforce their own fencing. If you’re looking to reinforce a fence panel, we have some professional techniques we believe will help you stay safe during the project and finish the job.

Preparing the Fence to Get Started

Before you start with any repair, you need to evaluate your current fence and prepare the surrounding area. Make sure your workspace is safe for setting a ladder, free of any hazards, and old boards are removed.

If, at any point in this process, you believe that you cannot handle this repair on your own, we recommend you call in a team of professions like Timberland Tree Care.

Tools and Materials You Will Need

Depending on the exact nature of the fence repair and how to reinforce a fence panel, you will need a variety of tools to get started. These include:

  • Drill
  • Level
  • Shovel
  • Safety equipment such as gloves, safety glasses, or dust mask

You will also need new materials to help with reinforcing your fence panel. If the panel is sagging, simply propping it up won’t have the right long-term effect. In fact, it can still become heavily damaged due to weather such as winds or storms. However, by reinforcing it from the post up, you can effectively repair this section of your fence on you own. You may need concrete, gravel, fence post, replacement fence boards and supporting members to complete the job.

Basic Steps to Repairing Your Fence

To start, you will want to dig holes around your fence posts. Use a small shovel to dig the area out in increments until you feel you have exposed enough fence post to finish the reinforcement. Once you have enough space to work, you can get started. Next, you will need to plumb and level your fence. You can drive support stakes into the ground away from the fence and temporarily affix support beams to the fence post. Move the fence using a level to measure once it is straight. When the fence is plumb and level, you’re ready to begin the repair.

Next fill the holes you dug around the fence posts with concrete to reinforce their position. Follow the instructions on the concrete package for proper mixing. Once the concrete is dry and the fence post is reinforced, you can replace any joining members or pickets that are in need of repair. Cover the concrete with soil to hide it.

Call in the Professionals

Reinforcing your fence is something you can DIY, but it is hard and dirty work. Mixing and pouring concrete, even if you use some of the quick mixes available today, is labor intensive. Why not avoid spending an entire weekend on an intense fence repair project by calling in the professionals to help.

Our highly rated techs can repair any kind of fence using any kind of fencing materials. We can take a look at your project and provide a quote that works for your budget. For fence repair in Walnut Creek, call Timberland Tree Care and see how we can help today.