in ground sprinkler system

Even after the drought, it’s easy to forget that water isn’t an infinite resource. Watering lawns, keep plants bright and flowering, and filling our pools poses no problem, and most of us don’t give it a second thought. However, just because we can use this water doesn’t mean that mean we need to.

If you want to commit to a sustainable lifestyle, an in-ground sprinkler system can make it easier to meet those goals.

In-Ground Sprinkler Systems Conserve Water

This may be a bit obvious (or at least we hope so!) but in-ground sprinkler systems use a fraction of the amount of water as a regular “dumb” sprinkler does.

Think about this in several ways.

First, an in-ground sprinkler system is placing water exactly where you want it to go, each and every time. Normal sprinklers attached to your hose may fire water all over cement or on plants that don’t necessarily need it.

Second, in-ground sprinkler systems only run as often as you set them and they turn off automatically.

Third, they operate before the heat of the day starts, allowing more of the water to seep into the root system. That means less waste – and a lower water bill.

Just make sure you properly maintain your sprinkler system if you want it to run at its best. It’s smart to call an irrigation contractor for a check-up before summer hits, or learn to do you own seasonal sprinkler check-up. You can also install a smart sprinkler timer to save even more.

Drip Sprinkler Heads Mean Big Conservation

We often think of in-ground sprinkler systems as those that operate just like traditional sprinklers, spraying water straight out in a stream. However, drip irrigation heads offer tailored water solutions to relatively small areas like garden beds or succulent gardens. Drip irrigation heads are often no more than tubes with holes in them, allowing water to seep out at a constant rate over a period of time. The constant seeping allows the water to drain slowly down, saturating the plants with just the correct amount of H2O. Learn more about drip irrigation here.

Better Watering Means Fewer Chemicals

If you’re trying to lead a sustainable lifestyle, the last thing you want is to use harsh chemicals and weed control sprays in your lawn and on your plants. There are two key reasons chemicals are necessary – too much or too little water. Too much water in your landscape will lead to more weeds and drooping plants, while too little water can lead to droopy plants as well. In both instances, homeowners are often tempted to use either weed control sprays or harsh, salt-based fertilizers to help their plants along. Appropriate watering can cut down on the necessity for both and in-ground sprinkler systems are all about appropriate and efficient watering.

Appropriate Watering Allows for Better Home Gardens!

One of the key ways folks try to head for the organic life is by growing their own fruits and vegetables. Growing your own food can be hard enough, so removing the whole variable of appropriate watering can really help kick start your gardening success. In-ground sprinkler systems allow for you to tailor your watering needs to the specific area and plant type, meaning your plants get the water they need – and only the water they need – when they need it.