Hardscaping in backyard with outdoor kitchen and pergola

Landscaping is anything that we do to our yards right? Mow the lawn, plant some trees and bushes, build a wall or two, maybe put in a pond – that’s all part of landscaping our property. RIght?


In the landscaping world we make a distinction between landscaping and hardscaping. Let’s take a look at what those two things are and what hardscaping can do for your yard.

What’s the Difference Between Landscaping and Hardscaping?

It’s simple really – landscaping is any plant or foliage that you place in your yard. From lawn to evergreens, tomato plants to herbs, wildflowers to dogwood trees, they are all landscaping. This also include soil amendments, adding mulch, and even adding rocks or gravel to an area.

Hardscaping, however, is adding a structure to an environment. In architectural terms, hardscaping can mean anything as small as a concrete dividing wall to as big as a ten lane highway. However, in your backyard, what we’re really talking about are walls, pathways, ponds, patios and other works that enhance the natural plants that you have or will install.

Is Hardscaping Right for Me?

Depends! Hardscaping is a very general term. At Timberland, we offer a number of different hardscaping services. Hardscaping comes in all shapes and sizes, so you can always find something to fit your needs. Let’s go through a few.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls help keep soil where it should be and level out uneven spaces. If your backyard has a slope to it, you can easily place a wall at the bottom end of that slope, backfill the yard, and voila! From one sloped, unusable space, you have two level usable spaces. Timberland can walk you through this process from planning to cleanup after install.


Water features are considered hardscape as well, because the liner does not allow the water to drain back into the soil. There are many premade ponds and pools that consumers can purchase at today’s big box stores. Use caution! Purchasing a pond and installing it are two very different things. Many municipalities require permits to install and digging the hole necessary for a pond requires knowledge of surrounding utilities and heavy equipment.

Built-in Firepits and Cooking Areas

A great touch to any yard, outdoor open-fire areas allow for gathering and cooking and provide a wonderful place to relax. Fire pits can be built as low, round areas for open wood fires that radiate heat directly through the air or as upright “kiln” style pits that radiate heat through stones. When it comes to cooking areas, you can go as small as installing a small stone grilling area, to building an entire kitchen in your backyard! The hardscaping world is your oyster.

Patios & Pathways

Rounding out our list is the most popular of all the hardscape options out there – patios and pathways. More Americans spend time on their patios than ever before, so having one that looks great and fits your needs is critically important. Timberland can help you plan, price and install your patio, as well as add any of the above features to it to make your backyard a dream come true.