Fence Repair in Walnut Creek

Repairing a wooden fence with a drill gun in San Ramon

Keeping the outside of your property in tip-top shape is critically important. You want to make sure your home looks great for your neighbors, guests, and most of all, for you. A good looking fence is essential to ensuring that your landscape looks the best that it possibly can.

However, nothing lasts forever, especially things that are out in the sun, rain and wind for 365 days a year. Fences will need mending and replacing.

When that time comes, call us for fast & affordable fence repair in Walnut Creek, San Ramon, Danville, or anywhere in Contra Costa. By calling Timberland Tree Care for your fencing needs, you’ll get the dedicated attention of one of the most versatile yard service providers around. We pride ourselves on providing accurate estimates, arriving on time, cleaning up after ourselves, and providing quality workmanship, no matter what the job. Once you see that we’re not just talk, we hope you’ll remember us for your tree trimming, sprinkler repair, and other yard service needs.

We Can Repair A Wide Variety of Fences

Our team is fully qualified to repair:

  • Redwood fences and hardwood fences
  • Ornamental fences and gates
  • Wooden gates & fence posts
  • Chain link fence
  • Picket fences
  • Rail fences
  • Vinyl fencing
  • Plastic fencing
  • Deer fencing
  • And more

Fences are generally made from vinyl, plastic, chain link or wood these days. You’ll want to ensure that you understand the costs associated with repairing each before proceeding.

  • Vinyl fences tend to be more expensive but are far more durable and can last longer.
  • Wood comes in lots of different shades and textures so matching can be difficult, particularly if you have an older, more weathered fence. However, it can be cheaper and we can easily match and stain any wood for you.
  • Deer fencing can be expensive to install, but is extremely durable and relatively inexpensive to repair.
  • Chain link fencing can be difficult to repair depending on the portion that’s broken.

Hiring a professional to repair your fence guarantees a job well done the first time.

How badly Is Your Fence Damaged?

If there are just a few pieces snapped, you may be able to get away with patching it yourself. However, if the Arris rails are snapped (the ones that run between the posts) on your wood fence or the posts themselves are broken on your wood, chain link or deer fence, you’re better off calling a professional.

If many of these pieces are broken and you have an older fence, you may want to consider replacement.

How We Handle Fence Repair

First, we’ll come out and assess the damage to your fence. We want to work with you to give you a fence that you want, that works within your budget. We’re not going to sell you a new fence just because a few pieces are broken. If putting in a new rail is all it takes, then that’s fine! We hope you’ll call us in the future.

After we assess, we’ll match your material. Wood can be stained to look exactly like your old fence and chainlink or deer fencing can be made to look nearly identical to a previously installed fence. Finally, a professional, hardworking team will come out and install your fence quickly and efficiently. We won’t leave until you’re satisfied.
Chain link fence repaired in Walnut Creek, California

Why Call Us Instead of a Fence Company?

Call Timberland Tree Care the next time you need a fencing company because we offer five star service with every job we do. But don’t take our word for it: visit us on Yelp and see for yourself.

We Also Handle Fence Replacement

If it’s not cost effective or practical to repair your fence, we can also build you a new one. We have a number of options that will fit your needs and your budget. Timberland’s professionals can inspect your property, remove the old fence free of charge and install the new one quickly and efficiently. They don’t call us Walnut Creek’s fence repair experts for nothing!