Caring for a new tree

Taking care of a new tree is a ton of work and you want to be sure to take the right steps to ensure you that your tree will live on for hundreds of years. The tree should be in a spacious area for the potential height it may grow to as well as how far the branches can grow out to. When you first plant a tree, you need to take extra care of it for a little while – the first three years are most important. They are going to need your attention and upkeep for a while as they start to grow.

Keeping the Tree Hydrated

The newly planted tree is going to need water regularly and if not, they will not thrive in the environment; they will not become their full size, they’ll be easily more susceptible for pests and they could have higher risks of getting diseases.

While caring for newly planted trees, they should be getting at least 25 gallons of water per week. If you are relying on rainfall, that is equal to 1.5 inches. 25 gallons can be a scary thought – watering it that much each week. However, you could just place a hose at the base of the tree and leave it on low for about 30 to 45 minutes each day or you could drill some holes in a 5-gallon bucket at the bottom of it and place it at the base of the tree and just fill it up every day. If you’re really not wanting to deal with watering it every day, you could fill up a 25-gallon bag, one that is a slow releasing water bag, and just be able to fill it once a week. Watering your tree is so important and these are some ways that will make it easier for you and also provide all the water your tree needs.


Mulching is also an important process when treating for a new tree. Mulch is ultimately to retain that moisture in the soil around the tree and to keep weeds at bay. You want to mulch each season and it is best to use shredded bark or leaf compost.

Pruning & Cutting

No matter how old your tree is, you want to make sure you are pruning and cutting whenever it is needed. It is important to remove any broken, damaged or diseased wood from your tree. When you remove a piece of wood, you want that final cut to be flush. It is easier to wait for the winter months as the leaves have fallen and you can inspect the wood with a better look.

Young Trees Need More Care

Once your tree is older, you will not have to worry about taking so much care of it. The first few years are key and if you want a healthy tree that will carry on for thousands of years, you should take the proper steps in doing so. If anything, the number one thing is to make sure your new tree is properly watered.