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Tree Removal in Walnut Creek

Tree removal in Walnut Creek by Timberland Tree Care

If you need trees or tree stumps removed from your home or business’ landscaping, you need to call the professionals. We are experts on every aspect of tree trimming, maintenance, and removal and we have been serving these needs in the San Francisco area since 1989. Hands down, we are your best option for tree and stump removal services, along with any other trimming  and maintenance services you might require.

Removing a Tree The Right Way is a Big Job

Removing a tree (or multiple trees) from your landscape probably seems like a huge chore, and you might have been putting it off for a while.  Without the proper equipment and labor available, getting a tree out of the ground can be almost impossible. Large trees have large root systems, and even if all you can see above ground is a stump, we know that’s only the tip of the iceberg—or, really, the tip of the tree. A tree’s root systems are not just designed to bring them water, they are designed to anchor a tree into the ground, giving it a hard grip against rough weather and anything else that might slam into it.  Removing that anchor, or enough of it to get the tree stump out of the ground, is not something we suggest you try on your own.

When it comes to removing a whole tree or just the stump, you’ll want to call us for our premier tree removal services.  If you have any other trees on the property, look into our tree trimming and maintenance services as well. Let us look after the health and beauty of all your trees. Call today and get a quick quote for our tree removal services.  We will get rid of the tree and stump for you so you can use your outdoor space however you choose!