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Truck used by Timberland Tree Care in Walnut Creek, California

Since 1989, Timberland Tree Care has gone above and beyond while offering a wide variety of tree care, home improvement, and yard care services. Call us today for an estimate on:

We Specialize in Tree Trimming

If you’re looking for a tree trimming company in Contra Costa with your best interests in mind, Timberland Tree Care is the team for you. Our licensed arborists are fully prepared to trim any tree to your exact specifications, and have no problem with scaling the tallest trees in your yard.

It’s important to know when it’s safe to trim a tree without exposing the tree to unnecessary pests and disease. Trimming a fir tree in early summer can expose the bark to fungal infections, while trimming one in November will release sap that attracts harmful beetles and pests. Other tree trimmers in Walnut Creek may be happy to trim your trees at any time, but our team would rather protect them.